2 Seater Sofas

The humble 2 seater sofa is the staple of living rooms, lounge rooms, sunrooms and bedrooms around the world.

In the living room, your 2 seater sofa can easily be the centrepiece –  giving you a stylish and comfortable spot to spend your spare time with a movie, relax after work or catch up on quality time with your partner.

If you’ve got a sunroom or study, put in a stylish 2 seater sofa for somewhere to unwind in the sun with a book, or give yourself a much-needed break from the textbooks.

For the bedroom, your sofa is the perfect spot to get ready for work, of for a fun night out with friends.

Wherever you’re looking to put it, POD Furniture has proudly curated an extensive range of sofas to seamlessly complement your home’s decor and style.

We feature products that match affordability with comfort, without compromising on quality. From modern designs and exotic styling through to traditional builds and minimalist appeal – there’s a sofa here for you. We select and promote pieces that are durable and suit the Australian way of life.

For a complete range of compact and comfortable sofas – you’ve come to the right place. Simply browse below and find something to suit your unique needs.